Internet of Things Workshop: Live Repositories of Streaming Data

Full-day workshop: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Workshop website:

This workshop aims at tapping into the potential of live repositories such as the ones resulting from data streams in the context of the Internet of Things applications. Application domains such as Smart Cities, or Sea and Environmental Monitoring, produce a continuously growing wealth of data, which may be valuable for different scientific domains.

Naturally, the variety of sensors and procedures for collecting data may become a real challenge for Open Science and Linked Open Data. The challenge of attributing meaning to data is even larger when thinking of considerable, ever growing volumes of data, which render traditional data curation methods inadequate and/or unsustainable

The workshop focuses on demonstrating a set of standards and good practices used in the Internet of Things and discussing how they can be used to leverage F.A.I.R. evidence-based Science.

Implementations based on standards, such as the OGC Sensor Observation Service or the OGC SensorThings API, and well established open frameworks, such as the FIWARE, will be demonstrated. Participants will be given the opportunity to try out such tools and take part in moderated panels.

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